With a passion for perfection, twin brothers Nick and Peter Pap have designed and built a supercar with a voluptuous body to rival a Ferrari and performance to surpass most supercars. Their dedication has seen them develop one of the quickest and lightest track cars in the world today, the Spartan

The Spartan has been born and bred as a true roadster with no roof, no doors and just a small speedster-style windscreen. The car has been designed with a laser go fast, be fun and offer the driver a huge adrenalin rush.

The aesthetic design of the Spartan is based on 60’s race cars with a modern retro look and styling that is raw and minimalistic - spartan. Carbon-fibre body panels with quick-release fasteners, fully-adjustable racing shock absorbers and exposed suspension components reinforce the aggressive form and function of the car. The chassis is not only lightweight but extremely tough with its tubular spaceframe design providing superior stiffness. The turbocharged Honda 2.0 litre Type-R engine is at the heart and soul of this very special car. Suspension guru Dejan Ninic of Envirage handled the suspension analysis and design to ensure the package worked well on the track, and development driver Barton Mawer fine tuned the handling for a ride that is supple, predictable and confidence inspiring.

With its super-lightweight construction, low centre of gravity and spectacular braking, the Spartan makes for one hell of an engaging drive. There are no driver aids - it’s like a big go-kart with driver involvement paramount. You feel the grip through the seat and every ridge and nuance through your fingertips. That coupled with its amazing mechanical grip makes for the most pure and thrilling driving experience imaginable.  

The Spartan will be limited to just 300 units.

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